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Irish singer Hozier is touring the US, UK and Europe in 2019. Read more about Hozier, who became famous in 2013 with his single "Take Me To Church".

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Hozier facts

Andrew Hozier-Byrne was born on 17th March 1990 in the Irish village of Bray in County Wicklow as the son of a blues musician. He was educated according to the philosophy of the Protestant Quakers. During his school days he sang in the Irish choir Anuna as a soloist. As a teenager, he dropped out of Music College in Dublin in his first year because he got the chance to record his first songs with the label Universal Music.
In 2013, Hozier's EP "Take Me To Church" was released, whose eponymous single became a viral hit on YouTube. Apart from the emotional melody, the spectacular music video, that addresses the subject of homophobia in a cinematic way, mostly contributed to the huge success of the single. The song reached number two in the charts in Ireland.
This successful debut was followed by the EP "From Eden" as well as some appearances on festivals and on American television.
The first studio album "Hozier" was released in 2014 and landed at the top of the Irish album charts. On the album you can also find the songs "Take Me To Church" and "From Eden" from his previous EPs. The album cover and the covers of his EPs were all designed by the singer’s mother, Raine Hozier-Byrne.
In 2016, Hozier released the song "Cherry Wine", which addresses the dangers of domestic violence. In the same year, the song "Better Love" appeared, which became part of the “Legend of Tarzan” soundtrack.
In June 2018, Hozier announced not only his North America tour but also the release of his new album which coincides with his tour dates. Here you can watch Hozier perform his big hit “Take Me To Church” live: