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Coldplay ist eine Britische Rock Band, welche von Frontsänger Chris Martin und Gitarrist Jonny Buckland gegründet wurde. Die bekanntesten Coldplay Lieder aus den 2000ern sind "The Scientist", "Clocks", "Fix You" und "Viva La Vida", welcher als Song of the Year bei den 2009 Grammys gewonnen hat. Das letzte Album "A head full of Dreams" ist bereits das siebte Album, mit dem Coldplay auf große Europa und Amerika Tour ging.

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Coldplay facts:


Originally the band chose the name Starfish, but changed it later to Coldplay. They have refused companies like Diet Coke and Gap to use their music for advertisements. For their music video of “The Scientist” the lead singer, Chris Martin, had to learn the phonetic movements of the song backwards. Through this trick he made it look like he was singing the song backwards. They bought a bakery in North London and made it their headquarter.

Coldplay played four Wembley Stadium dates in 2016 that were quickly sold out. More popular shows of the tour were in Mexico City, La Plata, Zürich, Copenhagen and Seoul. Several news outlets have leaked rumors that Coldplay will tour Europe and North America in 2019

Watch "A head full of dreams":