AC/DC world tour 2020 – all facts about dates, locations and how to get tickets

For quite some time now there have been rumours going around about an upcoming AC/DC world stadium tour. If you want to know what those rumours are all about and if they are true after all, read the article below. There you will also find all information about upcoming concert dates and how you can buy your tickets for the AC/DC world tour 2020 online.

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Attention, hard-rock fans! The legendary Australian rock idols AD/DC might be touring around the world’s biggest stadiums in 2020. But that is not all: there may be even a new album coming out even sooner as we all have thought. But let’s begin from the start.

On January 20, 2020, the Australian Triple M radio host Eddie McGuire accidently revealed the band’s secret plans of their 2020 Australia tour, saying: ‘The greatest rock band in the history of Australian music will be reforming and playing in Australia in October/November this year!’

But wait, there’s more: According to Eddie McGuire the rock giants will tour together with none the less than their old lead guitarist Angus Young, drummer Phil Rudd and even their one and only front man Brian Johnson. Brian Johnson left the band in 2016 after suffering from severe hearing problems that could cost him all his hearing abilities if he continued to play live shows. Now, he managed to get a hearing aid which should enable him to perform like in the old days, Eddie McGuire claimed.

And as if this didn’t spark enough excitement among thousands of AC/DC fans, McGuire further revealed: “My mail is, there will be a new album released by AC/DC in February or March this year, but also that AC/DC will be touring Australia [in] October, November 2020.” It looks as if our long wait for a new AC/DC album will finally be over this early spring already. Well, if that’s not good news for all hard-rock fans.

After all this insider information it looks as if the Australian leg of a potential world tour is more or less cut and dried. It is only a matter of time when shows in Europe and the US will be announced. We believe that the AC/DC 2020 world stadium tour and all dates and cities will be officially announced after the band finally publishes the release date of their upcoming album. 

Until then you can enjoy the rock band’s most popular hit “Highway to Hell” here:


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