The best Christmas Markets in Amsterdam 2019 - all highlights, dates and more

The magical time of the year has finally come. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls – we are talking about something really special right now. It’s an event for young and old visitors and it brings a lot of fun, even when its outside freezing cold. The Christmas Markets in Amsterdam are one of the nicest in Europe and the Dutch people would love to welcome you, your family and of course also your friends to come over to say “Hi” to Santa Claus who’s already waiting for your appearance. Amsterdam in winter means comfort, contemplation and pure joy. We have listed the best Christmas Markets for you in this article.

Christmas markets in Amsterdam 2019 | © unsplash

Dutch tradition at its best – Ice Village

The Dutch Christmas Market “Ice Village” is one of the most authentic Markets you can see while you’re traveling across the Netherlands. Situated right in the heart of the beautiful town of Amsterdam the organizers of the Market made it pretty easy for the tourists to reach the magnet for visitors.

The biggest highlight of the Market is the huge ice rink. Off to the ice rink to enjoy one of the funniest places you can go during Winter. Many tourists and residents come here to turn a round on the ice.

Grab a hot mulled wine or some of the fantastic and delicious Dutch food when you’ve finished your ice-rink-session. There is definitely enough time for you – the Christmas Market “Ice Village” is open between December 13th and December 26th. Come over and make sure that you don’t miss that “Must-Do” in town.

Two days of fun – the Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt

I know - it’s not really fair that the Christmas Market “Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt” is only open for two days of the year. The good thing is that these two days are full of energy and spirit. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the best markets in the Netherlands.

Is it raining outside? There are worst things in life! The Amsterdamsche Kerstmarkt is a comfortable indoor Market. Warm, cozy and full of lights – when you’re in Amsterdam on December 22nd or 23rd you need to come here to check out this rare spot.

It doesn’t matter if you´re trying to find the right present for your family at home or if you just want to grab a good tasty drink – you will find it in one of the countless stalls.

Get ready in the evening! DJs, Live-Performances on stage, a winter cinema and much more is waiting for you. The Market is the most special thing you can discover shortly before Christmas!

It can’t get any more Christmassy – Castle Christmas Fair

Yeah, we know that the Castle Christmas Fair is situated next to Amsterdam, but you can believe us that a visit will feel more like walking around at Hogwarts. The special mix between being in a fairy tale and visiting a Christmas Market makes it so special. You can't find anything comparable in the Netherlands. 

You got the chance to see the aforementioned magic between November 28th and December 1st. There are a lot of stalls, workshops and even some animals like for example alpacas in the surrounding area of the castle.

The Castle Christmas Fair takes a 30min drive from Amsterdam or round about 50 minutes when you want to take a train from the main station called “Centraal Station”.

Have fun! You will remember this visit for a long time.

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