Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020 – facts, tips and tickets

The popular Light Festival in Amsterdam will take place the eighth time in 2019. The concept is simple but truly magical: the best light artists worldwide show their talent in the historic center of Amsterdam. Here you can find out everything about the Amsterdam Light Festival 2019/2020.

Light Festival Amsterdam 2019 2020 | © Pixabay

From 28 November 2019 until the 19 January 2020 the Amsterdam Light Festival will open its doors to hundreds of thousands of visitors again. The eighth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is called “Disrupt!”
Amsterdam’s historical city centre will be illuminated by the most talented light artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world. At the festival you will experience spectacular light sculptures and beautiful colours in a magical atmosphere. The Amsterdam Light Festival has become the world’s leading light art festival.

The exhibition of the installations will last 53 days. It hosts 25 light artworks and 10 city stories. The artworks are switched every day from 5pm to 11pm except for New Year’s Eve (5 pm to 8pm).

The most comfortable and fascinating way to enjoy the lights is from water. You can either rent a boat on your own and ride on the Amsterdam canals or book a boat tour with one of the partners of the Light Festival.

Every year the Amsterdam Light Festival follows a special motto. This year the exhibition is called “Disrupt!” While at first you might think of destruction or chaos the word can also be associated with the latest changes in society like the #MeToo movement. National and International artists will interpret “Disrupt!” in their own unique way and use light to bring that interpretation to life.

In addition there are also other activities during the festival that you can visit. Partners of the Light Festival 2019 organize several activities like walking events, art exhibitions and film screenings around the subject “light”. Those guided events will give you a close insight of the festival.

The Light Festival isn’t the only exciting event that the city of Amsterdam has to offer. With our Amsterdam Event Alert you will stay up to date about all events and concerts in Amsterdam which is without doubt one of the hippest capitals in Europe:

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Here you can get an idea of the fascinating Light Festival with the after movie of the last edition in 2018:


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