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After five-year abstinence, Bruce Springsteen released a new album called Western Stars on June 14th 2019. There are rumors that he is going to go on a world tour at the end of 2019 / begin of 2020.His last tour was his “The River Tour” that lasted from January 16th 2016 to February 25th 2017, playing a total of 89 concerts in that span. Find out more about Bruce Springsteen here.

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Bruce Springsteen facts:

After his "River Tour" The Boss, as he is called by his colleagues at the E River Band, performed his most successful songs on Broadway 236 times between October 2017 and December 2018. But his fans want to see him in the big arenas and concert halls in a nearby city, so it would be no surprise, if the 70-year old exceptional artist fulfilled the desire and played some concerts in Europe in the near future.

Who is Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen, as he was born on September 23rd 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey, USA, had a rough childhood. As a son of an Irish-Dutch father and an Italian mother, Bruce had to overcome rough surroundings. His style of music is still shaped by his mixed relationship with his roots. On one side he decided to move near his old home-town, the working-class city of Freehold, but on the other side he tried to process the desolation of a worker’s life and their desire to break out of the never-ending circle of life you get into, as soon as you have no or little money, in his songs.

When did Bruce Springsteen get famous?

At the beginning, Bruce joined different smaller bands, released a few singles and could obtain local success. His first notable success came after the founding of the E River Band in October 1972. The band, who still accompanies him on his concerts and tours to this point, consisted of the four founding members Bruce Springsteen, bassist Garry Tallent, saxophonist Clarence Clemons and drummer Vinnie Lopez, but later frequently changed their members. Right now there are eight artists officially listed as band members. Besides Bruce Springsteen, Garry Tallent, Clarence’s nephew Jake Clemons there are Nils Lofgren playing the electric guitar and the pedal-street-guitar, Steven Van Zandt playing guitar, Patti Scialfa (guitar), Roy Bittan playing the piano and drummer Max Weinberg. Over all that years, the band could excite their audience with catchy rock songs, simple audio riffs and classical singing. In 1984, Bruce and his band finally became superstars with the release of Born In The USA, which could stay in the US-Billboard Charts for more than 2.5 years.

What are Bruce Springsteen’s most popular songs?

Bruce Springsteen sold more than 120 million discs and is considered to be one of the commercially most successful artists. His most famous album Born In the USA was sold more than 20 million times alone. His song Streets of Philadelphia (1994) is a catchy record around the world and was awarded with one Oscar, four Grammys and one MTV Music Award.

When will Bruce Springsteen go on tour again?

In May 2019, Bruce Springsteen talked with producer Martin Scorsese that he will produce a new album with his band in autumn and go on a tour shortly after that. So his fans all over the globe can be glad to witness the extra-ordinary artist on stage live one again. He always plays his concerts as if it was his last one and the energy on stage is unbeatable.

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