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Eminem is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and actor. Eminem is the United States best-selling hip-hop artist of the 2000s. While Eminem played several shows in the USA in the beginning of this year he cancelled all upcoming concerts for 2019 unexpectedly. Read more facts on Marshall Mathers here.

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Facts about Eminem

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. His pseudonym Eminem is composed of the pronunciation of his initials M & M.
His childhood was marked by violence and mobbing, which once even brought him into a coma. Eminem spent most of his youth with his mother in Detroit.
Through his half-uncle Ronnie, the young Marshall became aware of rap music and started rapping and participating in freestyle battles at the age of 14. His role models included the Beastie Boys and N.W.A. At school he met his future wife Kimberly Ann Scott, with whom he had a daughter in 1995. At the age of 17 he dropped out of school and got around with various part-time jobs. In 1991, Eminem's uncle Ronnie shot himself, which was a striking cut in the rapper's life.
One year later Eminem got a record contract and released his first single "Fuckin' Backstabber" with the rap crew "Bassmint Productions".
In 1996 Marshall Mathers joined the rapper collective D12. There he created his alter ego Slim Shady and released the "Slim Shady EP". At a rap competition Dr. Dre became aware of the newcomer and signed Eminem. Together they recorded the album "The Slim Shady LP", which promptly made it to number 2 in the American charts and sold over 4 million copies. In 2000 the album received four platinum awards.
Eminem's fame continued to grow and his next album "The Marshall Mathers LP" was a huge success. In numerous countries the album reached number 1. It sold more than 1.76 million copies in the first week - beating Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" as the fastest-selling solo album in North America. Due to his success, numerous prizes but also countless escapades and headlines, Eminem achieved worldwide fame.
After the fourth studio album "Encore" and the best-of album "Curtain Call: The Hits" Eminem took a longer musical break in 2005, during which his drug problems worsened.
Only in 2009, after a successful therapy, the artist returned with the album "Relapse", in which he processed the past events. Despite the long break, his successful streak did not break off. “Recovery" features songs by numerous guest artists such as RihannaPink and Lil Wayne. In 2017 he collaborated with Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé for his album "Revival".
2018 saw the release of the tenth studio album "Kamikaze", which had hardly been announced in the median before. The artist unexpectedly broke off his subsequent tour in 2019.