Harry Styles

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Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter and actor, who became known as the youngest member of the record-breaking boy band One Direction. This year you can enjoy Harry Styles live at his US tour starting on June 26 in Detroit, Michigan. Read more about Harry Styles.

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More about Harry Styles

Since 2016 he also started a solo career and already reached number one in the UK charts with his very first single “Sign of the times”. His self-titled debut album “Harry Styles”, featuring the songs “Two ghosts” and “Kiwi” was released in May 2017 and immediately hit number one in the charts in the UK, US and Australia. Harry Style’s musical genre can be described as a mixture of Britpop, soft rock and glam rock.
In Christopher Nolan’s movie “Dunkirk” Harry Styles, among several other famous actors, plays the role of a British World War II soldier, his authentic performance being complimented by film critics.
In the past years Harry was nominated for and has won dozens of awards, not only in honor of his music but also for his fashion style, his smile or his instagram appearance.