J Balvin

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J Balvin is the new star in the reggaeton sky. With songs like "Safari" or "Mi Gente" he thrills not only fans, but also music critics, which is not surprise regarding his fantastic chart positions. His single "I Like It" which he recorded together with Cardi B, immediately made it to Number 1 on the US charts. Read some more facts about J Balvin.

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J Balvin Facts

Who's J Balvin?

J Balvin was born on 7 May 1985 in Medellín, Colombia, under the name José Álvaro Osorio Balvín. Early on he developed a love for music and enjoyed listening to the rock sounds of Metallica and Nirvana. His interest in reggaeton was awakened after discovering the artist Daddy Yankee and becoming his biggest fan. At the age of 17, J Balvin moved to the USA to learn English. The music of rappers like 50 Cent or P. Diddy, which he heard in the USA for the first time, inspired him to take a similar musical direction after his return to Colombia. Back in Colombia, J Balvin began performing in numerous clubs and made a name for himself in the local scene.

What are J Balvin's greatest achievements?

The artist became famous in 2004 with his latin song "6 AM" from the album "La Familia". His 2017 hit "Mi Gente", which he recorded with Willy William and in a remix with Beyonce, was extremely successful and was viewed almost 2 billion times on YouTube. In 2018 he collaborated with Cardi B and Bad Bunny on the song "I Like It" and for the first time reached number one in the single charts. The video for the song "X", for which singer Nicky Jam brought the exceptional musician J Balvin on board, reached over 288 million clicks on YouTube in just one month. In 2019, J Balvin's current album "Oasis" was released in collaboration with Bad Bunny - we will definitely hear one or two hit singles from this album as well.
But not only his music is very popular. The singer could also collect a lot of praise for his fashion style. At the New York Fashion Week 2017 he appeared as an ambassador and stood up for the stronger representation of Latin Americans in the fashion world.

Can J Balvin speak English?

J Balvin's music style is mainly reggaeton, but he also likes to experiment with other genres such as hip-hop and house. His first sources of inspiration were musicians like Metallica, Nirvana and Daddy Yankee. Despite his success in the USA and his collaboration with American artists, J Balvin still sings in Spanish, but speaks English fluently. His aim is to draw international attention to the reggaeton genre without having to sing English for the masses. In contrast to many other artists who have achieved international success, J Balvin did not move to the USA after his breakthrough, but continues to live in his hometown of Medellín in Colombia.

Is J Balvin single?

For ten years the Latin singer J Balvin was in a relationship with his childhood sweetheart María Osorio, the two are said to even have been engaged already. However, a message that the singer recently published on the Internet suggests that the two have broken up. In this birthday message, J Balvin writes that María will always have a place in his heart and that he is happy to have her as his best friend. The message is accompanied by an old photo of the two.