Jonas Brothers

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The Jonas Brothers are a Pop-Rock-Band from New Jersey who was founded in 2005. All the three members of the band are brothers. Their innovative pop-rock-sound made them famous all over the world. They also played in several films like for example “Night at the museum” or “Camp Rock”. Find out more about the Jonas Brothers.

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About the Jonas Brothers

In the beginning of his music-career, Nick Jonas has never thought that he will be on stage together with his two brothers one day. Nick Jonas already made one of his biggest wishes in life come true. Ino Records and Columbia Records, both big production companies in the music-business, signed him officially as one of their artists in 2004. It was the exact same year when his first music-album came out. It was named “Nicholas Jonas”. Both production companies decided to release a couple of singles from the debut-album. The first one was named “Dear God” and the other one was “Joy to the World”. All the released singles were listed in the US-American Charts. Nick proved on the album several times that he was born to be a big part of the worldwide music-industry.
It was on a meeting with his management when Nick recorded together with his two brothers the song “Please be mine”. After the track was recorded the music-label instantly decided to sign all the three brothers to put them together as a band. It was the birth of one of the most famous pop-rock-bands of our time. It was time to succeed together as a group.
Some bands start their live-performance-career in a mall or on a birthday party of a good friend – that kind of vision was way too small for the Jonas Brothers. After signing their first record-deal as a band, the group joined the Backstreet Boys on their Never Gone Tour to perform as one of the opening acts. At this time, they also played a couple of shows together with Kelly Clarkson.
After so many huge concerts it was time for the young band to show that they were able to make an own tour happen. The “Jonas Brothers Fall 2005 Promo Tour” started and was a big success.
The international breakthrough of the band was in the year 2007 when they changed their label. The second album “Jonas Brothers” was released in August 2007. It was a big commercial success all over the world and the album was even listed in the Top 5 of the US-American Charts. Only the sky is the limit! Top 5? Not enough for the three boys from New Jersey. Just one year later the band celebrated their third album called “A Little Bit Longer”. It was listed as number 1 of the US-American Charts.
The band released so far 5 studio-albums. The latest one was released in 2019 and is named “Happiness Begins”. The single “Sucker” got viral all over the world. Almost 15 years after the beginning of their music-career, Kevin, Joe and Nick are still able to show all the people and fans out there, that they are ready to rock the stage.
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