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The Canadian singer Justin Bieber is one of the most successful and popular artists in the world. With his soft voice and a sure hand for mega hits, Justin, who is only 24 years old, has been inspiring fans all over the world since 2009. His last live performance was on his Purpose World Tour in 2017 where he played 158 shows on six continents. Find out everything you need to know about Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber Facts

Where does Justin Bieber come from?

Justin Drew Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 in Ontario, Canada. He grew up as the son of Patricia Lynn Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber in Stratford, but was raised by his mother alone. Justin Bieber owes his German surname to his paternal grandfather, who emigrated from Germany to Canada. Justin studied English and French at school and played in the ice hockey team. Early on Justin Bieber had many musical role models, including Aerosmith, Guns N' RosesMetallica and Michael Jackson. Since Justin's family was too poor to afford musical instruments, he taught himself how to play the drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. In 2012 he finished school with the help of a private teacher, as he was already a world star at that time and had no time to go to school.

How did Justin Bieber become famous?

Even as a child Justin Bieber gave several small performances in his hometown. At the age of twelve, he took part in the Stratford Star Competition, a local talent competition where he took fourth place. At another talent competition some time later, he made it two positions forward to second place. Through his local successes and the recordings of his performances that could be followed on YouTube, as well as various cover versions that he also published on the internet, the young Justin Bieber quickly made a name for himself in his home country. In 2008, an American music manager became aware of the YouTube videos. He called Justin's mother and convinced her to send her thirteen-year-old son to Atlanta with him to record his first demo recordings. She agreed and opened the doors to an incredible career for her son. In the recording studio Justin met the musician Usher, who was able to organize a record deal for the young artist. One year later Justin Bieber's debut single "One Time" was released, which made it to number 17 in the USA and number 12 in the charts in Canada. In the same year Justin Bieber sang Stevie Wonder's hit "Someday at Christmas" in the White House for President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. But it was only with the release of the first single of his debut album "My World" that the world became aware of the young singer. In 2010 the song "Baby" (feat. Ludacris) took fifth place in the USA and third place in Canada and the UK. The album reached number one in the USA and Canada and number three in the UK. This made Bieber, at 16, the youngest male artist since Stevie Wonder, who made it to the top of the US charts. Today, with an estimated value of around $265 million, Bieber ranks second among the best paid celebrities under the age of 30.

What are Justin Bieber's best songs?

14 songs released by Justin Bieber reached the top ten in the USA. One of the most successful hits is "Cold Water", which he recorded together with Major Lazer and  and which entered directly into second place. With the song "Love Yourself" Bieber achieved an incredible success: the song that he wrote together with Ed Sheeran topped the charts in 15 countries. One of his most famous songs for sure is "Despacito" with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The song reached number one in the USA and the UK and developed into a real summer hit in 2017. In Canada all of the singer's albums reached number one, in the USA all made it to number one except for his debut album.

Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin married?

From 2010 to 2012, Justin Bieber was in a relationship with American actress Selena Gomez. After the separation, the two tried again in 2017, but separated again in 2018. Shortly afterwards Justin entered into a relationship with model Hailey Baldwin, the niece of actor Alec Baldwin and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. After only one month, Justin Bieber proposed to her to the surprise of many fans. The two married secretly and privately at the end of 2018 and, according to media reports, will soon move to Canada, Justin Bieber's home. There the couple are said to have bought a mansion in Ontario. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin also proudly show their love for each other on Instagram; Hailey even changed her name to Hailey Bieber there. Bieber caused a wave of excitement among his fans when he posted a photo of an ultrasound image on Instagram on April 1, 2019. This quickly turned out to be an April fool's joke. However, more photos of Hailey at the doctor's caused rumours that the couple was expecting a child. Justin and Hailey have not yet made an official statement.

Why did Justin Bieber stop making music?

In early 2019, Bieber announced on Instagram that he will be taking a longer musical break to address deep-rooted problems, focus on his health and marriage. Early on, the megastar was struck by drug and alcohol addictions, in 2013 he unexpectedly broke off a concert in Brazil and devastated his hotel room, in 2014 he was even arrested due to an illegal car race under the influence of alcohol. Nevertheless, new music by Justin was released in the same year. Together with Ed Sheeran he released the song "I Don't Care" and covered Billie Eilish's hit "Bad Guy". The megastar explained to his fans that family and health are his priority and that he must gather strength to offer his audience the concert quality it deserves.

Will Justin Bieber ever go on tour again?

Despite his break, Justin Bieber will not disappear from the scene forever. In his message about the break he confirmed that he will be back with a new album as soon as possible. Even though there will be no official tour dates soon, there is still the chance to see Justin Bieber 2020 / 2021 live again.