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Metallica, founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, is one of the most influential heavy metal bands and is even considered one of the "Big Four"of this genre, alongside Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer. With over 110 million sold record worldwide, 9 Grammy Awards and the induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Metallica is one of the most successful bands of all time.

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Aftershock Festival

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About Metallica

How Metallica started

In 1981 the drummer Lars Ulrich searched set up a newspaper advertisement in the Californian local newspaper "The Recycler" to search for members with whom he could found a band. He referred to the music of Tygers of Pan TangDiamond Head and Iron Maiden. The singer and guitarist James Hetfield and the bassist Ron McGovney responded to this ad and invited Lars Ulrich to jam. Unfortunately, the two were not very enthusiastic about Ulrich's drumming skills, so that their paths quickly parted again. After Lars Ulrich managed to convince the publisher of the magazine "Heavy Metal Revue" to let him play on the first sampler of his newly founded music label, the contact between Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield was rebuilt. Together they founded the band Metallica.

Which members are in Metallica?

Metallica got guitarist Lloyd Grant on board for the song "Hit the Lights", which was to appear on the sampler. Grant was, however, replaced by Dave Mustaine after the recording. Ron McGovney left the band in 1982 and was replaced by Cliff Burton. Dave Mustaine's membership also ended rather early. After disputes with Ulrich, Hetfield and Burton, they kicked him out of the band without further ado. Metallica hired Kirk Hammett as a new guitarist.
Cliff Burton's band membership came to a tragic end. When the band was on their way from Stockholm to Copenhagen with their tour bus in 1986, the bus skidded on the icy road and overturned. Burton suffered serious injuries after the bus crashed on him and finally took his life. Despite all the tragedy, the band had to look for a new bass player. The choice fell on Jason Newsted, but this collaboration also ended in 2001 after personal disputes between James Hetfield and Newsted. Ozzy Osbourne's band bassist Robert Trujillo has been accompanying Metallica on his bass since 2003.

Why are Metallica so successful?

For more than 30 years Metallica have been one of the most influential heavy metal bands, touring permanently and regularly releasing new albums. Metallica make sure that they don't disappear from the public memory and remain relevant even after decades. Metallica have influenced the style of many metal bands, the singer of the band Korn even calls Metallica his favorite band. According to Armored Saint, Metallica is a band that has shown an exemplary career and has never let anyone tell them what to do. The band Soundgarden admires Metallica for their "honest success without any TV and radio hype". Metallica were honored for their outstanding success with over 20 awards, including nine Grammy Awards.

Which Metallica album is the best?

Of eleven studio albums, seven reached the top of the charts in Germany and six in the USA. The self-titled album, released in 1991, reached number one in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the USA and even received a diamond and six platinum awards in the USA. In total, the album sold more than 28 million copies. The album's recordings cost a total of one million dollars and caused three band members to divorce their marriages. To this day, the album is the band's most popular album and still sells very well. As the album took a step towards mainstream, in part due to the ballad "Nothing Else Matters", it is controversial among Metallica fans.

Will there be a new Metallica album?

Eight years after "Death Magnetic" the band finally released their latest album in 2016. "Hardwired... to Self-Destruct", which made it to the top of the charts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA and took second place in the UK. At the Grammy Awards 2017 Metallica performed together with singer Lady Gaga, who presented the song "Moth Into Flame" from the current album together with James Hetfield.
During an interview with the Australian magazine "The Music" in March 2019, Robert Trujillo said that Metallica was already working on new songs for an upcoming album. Kirk Hammett also confirmed that he and the band is ready to go to the studio and put their numerous ideas into practice. Sounds like a new album is about to be released soon.

Will Metallica be on tour again?

Right now Metallica are on their big WorldWired tour around the world. In 2019 they can be seen in Europe, California, Australia and New Zealand. Tickets are available from 130€.
Since the members confirmed at the beginning of the year that they are working on a new album, the chances for another tour in 2020/2021 are very good.

Are Metallica concerts safe?

Few people want to miss the legendary concerts of Metallica. But because of the hard music style some people are worried about the security at Metallica concerts, as Metal fans are notorious for wild mosh pits and excessive head banging. If you're afraid of this, you should make sure that you're not standing right in front of the stage in the midst of the die-hard fans, because it can get a little bit wilder there. At the entrance, as at any other concert, the bags of the visitors and the visitors themselves are searched for dangerous objects. Those who can grab a seat further behind or at the edge can safely forget their worries and enjoy the concert to the fullest. Anyone who has ever been to a Metallica concert will surely have noticed that some parents even let their children enjoy the concert of the rock legends.