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Muse is a British rock band from Devon founded in 1994. The band celebrated its greatest success with the album “Black Holes and Revelations” in 2006. They announced a tour through Europe, UK and Mexico in 2019 following the release of their new album “Simulation Theory”. You can get your tickets here easily online. Learn more about Muse here.

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Upcoming Muse concerts and events

Wednesday 02 October 2019, 20:30

Muse (Grada Norte y Sur)

with Muse, Ticket2ride Transporte para tu evento

Venue Ciudad de México, Mexico, Foro Sol

Thursday 03 October 2019, 20:30

Muse (General A Y B )

with Muse

Venue Ciudad de México, Mexico, Foro Sol

Sunday 03 November 2019, 13:00

Tributeland 2019

with Muse, Pearl Jam, Tributeland

Venue Eindhoven, Netherlands, Klokgebouw

Muse facts

How was Muse formed?

At the age of 12 and 13 the later Muse-members met for the first time in Devon, England. Singer, guitarist and pianist Matthew Bellamy and bassist Chris Wolstenholme met in a school band. Drummer Dominic Howard played in another band at that time, which Matthew joined when they were looking for a new guitarist. Over the next two years, the other members gradually left the band, leaving only Matthew and Dominic in the end. With Nirvana and Radiohead as role models, Matthew Bellamy finally started writing his own songs. With Chris as their bass player, they formed a new band called Rocket Baby Dolls. The trio eventually won the Battle of the Bands Contest and changed their name to Muse.

How did Muse become famous?

In the next time followed the first EPs, which sold amazingly well at their concerts. With a show at the Mercury Lounge in New York the attention on Muse also rose in the USA, so that in 1998 they got hold of a contract with Madonna's label and recorded their debut album. In early 2000 Muse toured the USA with the Foo Fighters and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and played as headliner at various festivals.

What albums have Muse released so far?

In 2001 the album "Origin of Symmetry" was released, which was celebrated by fans and critics. With the third album "Absolution" Muse finally made the first breakthrough in 2003 and is since then regarded as one of the best live bands. In 2006 the album “Black Holes and Revelations” marked the final international breakthrough of the band, partly thanks to the song “Supermassive Blackhole” that was used in the blockbuster “Twilight”. The album reached number one in the UK, almost everywhere in the rest of Europe and Australia. The song "Survival" from their fifth studio album "The Resistance" was chosen as the official anthem of the Summer Olympics in London.
Muse made a U-turn from the typical orchestral and electronic sound with their concept album "Drones", released in 2015, on which they again devote themselves more to the origins of the band.
In 2018, Muse released their latest album “Simulation Theory”. The release of the album was accompanied by a tour through Europe, the UK and North America.

Are Muse live shows worth the money?

Muse are known for their mind-blowing live shows that include a lot of special light effects, elaborate stage settings and artful visuals. For the Simulation Theory Tour the trio has even gone a step further and offers a Mixed Reality Pre-Show Party where fans can try three original virtual reality games that are based on songs from “Simulation Theory”. The theme of the show itself is based on the concept of being caged in different simulations that can only be overcome with a “creator” – which will happen at the end of the show. You see, Muse really make an effort to give their fans the best possible live experience they can imagine. The price you have to pay for a ticket ranges between 45€ and 350€ depending on demand, availability and ticket category. For a unique live show like Muse’s this is definitely worth it!

Listen again to Muse’s greatest hits and their latest track "Pressure":