Backstreet Boys plan joint 2019 tour with the Spice Girls - all facts, tickets, dates and more

All 90s kids dreams might soon come true – after the Spice Girls announcing their reunion 2019 tour they might get accompanied by no one less than the Backstreet Boys! Read on for more facts, rumours and how to get tickets.

For fans of the Spice Girls a dream already came true a few months ago when Mel B announced a 2019 Spice Girls reunion tour in the American "The Today Show", which unfortunately will take place without Victoria Beckham. You can read more about the Spice Girls Tour 2019 in our blog post.

Already in 2014, the first rumours about a joint tour of the Backstreet Boys with the Spice Girls arose, after they announced a world tour for 2016 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their hit single "Wannabe". The Sun then reported that Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys has also confirmed discussions about dates for a world tour. In 2015, A.J. McLean told the Backstreet Boys in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that the band would like to tour with the Spice Girls if they were planning a reunion tour. The Spice Girls have announced concerts all over the UK, concerts in the USA and the rest of the world are extremely likely.

This is not the only time the Backstreet Boys have come out as big Spice Girls fans. On their legendary cruise ship show to the Turks and Caicos Islands this spring, the members of the boy band dressed up as the Spice Girls and even performed some of their songs. Under the picture they posted on their instagram page, they celebrated the "girl power" they've been admiring for 25 years.

The rumours started again when A.J. McLean uploaded a post containig a photo of the Backstreet Boys and one of the Spice Girls in early 2018, asking his fans underneath it if they should realise the rumours of a joint tour and if their fans would be willing to visit the tour. The comments were overflowing with sheer enthusiasm from the fans.

For the Backstreet Boys this would not be the first tour together with other megastars. In 2011 and 2012 the band performed with New Kids On The Block in the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe.

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