The Christmas-Magic is coming to town – the best Christmas Markets in London

London is one of the most attractive cities in Great Britain and the city is going to be much more special when Christmas is coming. Millions and Millions of fascinated visitors come every single year to town, to enjoy the many markets, which you can find all over the urban area. Grab your flight-ticket or hop in your car and come over to experience one of the most impressive Christmas Markets you can find in Europe.

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Check out the 4 best christmas markets in London in 2019:

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

The Tate Modern Christmas Market

Southbank Centre Christmas Market

Christmas Market London Bridge

Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On 2019

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Have you ever heard about the Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park? If not, then it’s definitely time for you to come to London, to see one of the most famous Christmas Markets of the whole country. The Market was first opened in 2006 and its now one of the biggest Christmas Markets in the UK, featuring the largest outdoor ice-skating-rink. The gigantic Ferris Wheel is waiting for you to take a ride. Enjoy the incredible view over the whole city of London. 

What would a Christmas Market be without the chance to grab some delicious food and good drinks? There are several food stalls at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. You will also find some merchandise stall over there. 

The best thing is, that the entry to the Christmas Market is free. That’s probably the reason why so many people from all over the world want to see the Wonderland every single year. Watch out – it can be crowded on weekends. 

The Winter Wonderland opens on the 18th November and it closes at 2nd January. Open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. A great place for the whole family!

The Tate Modern Christmas Market

Have you ever been to a very traditional German holiday Market? No? The Christmas Market at Tate Modern is the perfect place for you when you’re planning to visit London in Winter. There are a lot of wooden chalets and they are all adorned with charming and atmospheric candles. The music in the background completes the whole theme perfectly. 

No matter what snacks you're looking forward to – you will find it at the Tate Modern Christmas Market in London. The stalls over there will serve you bratwurst, crepes, roasted nuts, Wine, Cider and much more. 

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? The small shops and stalls at the Christmas Market offer some homemade jewellery and high-quality holiday crafts. 

Enjoy the beautiful Southbank Centre Christmas Market

When you look at the Southbank Centre Christmas Market you will see that there are some similarities to the Market at the Tate Modern. Even though there is still a very special and unique atmosphere because of the traditional chalets. 

If you’ve brought enough time, then walk from the Southbank Centre Market to the Tate Modern Market which is situated very close by. The best thing is, that the Christmas Market stays open until late January. Enough time to pay a visit and to enjoy all the good food and drinks over there. 

The Southbank Centre Christmas Market is open everyday from 10am to 11pm. It opens on the 11th November and closes at the 25th January. 

Christmas Market London Bridge

The Christmas Market at London Bridge is the perfect spot to enjoy some of the most incredible and stunning views you can see in town. The Market takes place right next to the famous Tower Bridge. From there you can also see the Tower of London and the impressive skyline of the city. 

Get ready for the best mouth-watering food you can get during wintertime. Several pop-up food and drink stalls are just waiting for you to serve you some delicacies. 

The London Bridge Market is well known for being a hotspot for couple’s date night. The romantic atmosphere is unique, especially on Tuesday when some of the best and most authentic Christmas films are shown on screen. 

The Christmas Market at London Bridge is open every day from 10am to 8pm between the 30th November and 3rd January. 

Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On 2019

Not exactly a christmas market, but one of the most anticipated christmas events this year is The Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On. Christmas lights in London's Oxford Street are first to be switched on every year in early November. In 2018 it was Tuesday 6 November, with 2019 details tbc. The event usually has in-store gigs and pop-up performances taking place on the night plus shopping and dining special offers. We will update you here once the exact dates are announced.

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