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The eatmytickets blog provides you with the latest news and concert dates of your favorite artists, singers, bands and more. Tour announcements, concert dates for 2020 and 2021, information about shows and festivals and of course lots of background information is collected here for you. Stay informed and of course also enjoy a little bit of gossip - the eatmytickets blog is the perfect platform to keep you up to date about all celebrities and artists. See who is on tour right now and who will be playing shows in the future. Eatmytickets provides you with a wide range of singers, bands, artists and comedians. Meet stars like Elton John on his last tour through Australia, North America and Europe or have fun with the American rock giants Guns N' Roses, and join them in 2020 on their big tour in the UK and Europe.


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Find out all the concert tour dates in 2020 and 2021, get your tickets online and look forward to a great show. Get all the information you need about the concert tours and see who is making shows even in Australia or New Zealand. Get some amazing insider tips - on you will not only discover the most famous stars but also underdogs and independent singers and musicians. For every taste and every need you will find the right event. Even fun for the whole family is guaranteed. Have fun reading the eatmytickets blog and discover shows, concerts and events you did not even know existed.


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