Cardiff Christmas Market 2019 - all facts, tips and more

Grab your warm winter-jacket and get ready for one of the biggest Christmas highlights of the year. The Christmas Market in Cardiff City is one of the most authentic and popular Christmas Markets you can see during your visit in Wales. Every single year, people from all over the world are coming to Wales, just to experience the very unique and warm-hearted atmosphere at St. John Street. The pedestrian area of the city-centre is decorated in winter to a Christmas-paradise that you’ve never seen before. The whole atmosphere is inimitable and will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

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25 years of Christmas-Joy

The founders of Craft*folK have been organising the annual Christmas spectacle since 1994. 25 years after the first Christmas Market was opened it seems that the Cardiff City Market is getting bigger and bigger over the years. Not only the local people of Cardiff enjoy the numerous stalls and delicacies. Even far outside the city, the Christmas market is becoming pretty popular. A lot of tourists are coming over to town just to experience the worth seeing event.

A great shopping experience

Are you still looking for the right present for your loved ones at home? Just come to the Cardiff City Christmas Market and take a look at the several stalls. You can be sure that the right gift will be waiting for you here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for arts, crafts or just some good drinks and food – 200 exhibitors ensure that you are well provided.

Right in the heart of Cardiff

The Cardiff Christmas Market is the perfect spot for strolling around after work or during your visit of the City. Its situated right in the city-centre of the town. That means for you that you can easily grab a bus or a train if you need to. It’s not necessary to drive here with an expensive taxi - public transport operates at regular intervals.

Amazing sea of light

Even when there are so many other Christmas Markets out there – the one in Cardiff has this special atmosphere you can barely find in other towns. Sometimes it’s just impossible to describe that special kind of feeling. The only way to understand and to experience it is to come to Cardiff in December. Enjoy the thousands and thousands of lights around you and internalize the lovely decorated city centre. It's almost impossible not to get into the Christmas-mood here.

The Cardiff Christmas Market is open between the 14th of November and the 23rd of December. Don’t miss the chance to see this fantastic British Winter-Wonderland.  


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