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With hints about an Irish Coldplay concert at Slane Castle next year, it gets more likely we will see a Coldplay world tour in 2019. Read this article for more infos on Coldplay's latest album, tour dates and how to book tickets online!

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There have been circulating rumors of Coldplay not touring again, but they were mainly based on one statement leadsinger Chris Martin made on their last tour. In an Daily Telegraph interview, he said that the band don't believe they've 'said it all' but are satisfied with the music they've produced and hence they most likely won't produce a new album after their last one "A Head Full of Dreams". This statement was solely pointed to their motivation of producing a new album though - not especially to their will of not touring again in the future. 

During a show he also seems to have talked about possible future tours. According to this Reddit thread he was talking of it being their last conventional tour. What he might have meant could be a different form of shows they plan for the future. This is likely as the show business is seeing more and more hologram or animated tours. 

For Irish fans it seems to be quite sure though that Coldplay will play a show at Slane Castle next year as you can read in the Irish Mirror. If they are right, this would underline the bands willingness to play future shows. And as we've seen in the past years in this case a new Coldplay tour in 2019 might not be far away, at least in parts of the world.

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