Coldplay 2020 tour dates – news, tickets, rumours and more

After fans had been waiting in vain for a Coldplay tour last year, it could finally happen in 2020. In this article you'll find all information about Coldplay's upcoming tour, tour dates and how to get tickets.

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Despite rumours that Coldplay will never go on tour again, fans are hoping to finally see their favourite band live again in 2020. The rumours about Coldplay never touring again emerged after an interview with front man Chris Martin on the "Daily Telegraph" in 2014, where the singer of the successful British band claimed that their latest album "A Head Full of Dreams" would probably also be their last one. However, he did not leave unmentioned that there might be new music from Coldplay in the future eventually. There was also no mention of an end to all tours in this interview. So fans still have reason for hope.

According to the Irish magazine "Irish Mirror" it is very likely that Coldplay will play a concert at Slane Castle in Ireland this summer. Will this be Coldplay's long-awaited tour kick-off?

Another hot indication would be an article in “NME” from last year in which Mat Whitecross, a friend of the band, announced that Coldplay would meet again in 2019 to work on a surprise album. Given the alleged pace in which Chris Martin is working on new ideas the album could be ready in the near future according to Whitecross.

As you all know, in most cases a new album also means a new tour. Now if that's not a reason for joy! Of course we will keep you up to date about upcoming Coldplay tour dates here.

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Until the Tour 2020 kicks off, you can shorten your time with this video of Coldplay's most successful hit "Viva La Vida":


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