Eros Ramazzotti Europe Tour 2019/2020 - all about his life, gossip and how to get tickets

The day has come – Eros Ramazzotti has started his Europe Tour and you can be a part of it! How you can get your ticket and what rumours are brand new in the life of Ramazzotti – you get all the information’s right here.

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Father, Musician, Superstar! – what’s going on in the Life of Eros Ramazzotti?

Eros Ramazzotti has sold more than 50 Million albums since he started his music-career in the early 80´s. His emotional pop songs are well known all over the world and millions of fans come regularly to his shows to see him live on stage.

But what’s the life of Eros all about when he’s not performing on stage, starting a Europe-Tour or making music in the studio? What’s going on in the life of the 55-year-old Italian superstar?

Still looking for the love of his life

The huge success on one side and two divorced marriages on the other side – It seems that some people on this planet are looking again and again for the big love. Some of them will find it one day – the other ones will move on with the search for the rest of their life. Eros Ramazzotti definitely knows how that kind of problem feel.

He met his first wife Michelle Hunziker in 1996. Just a short period of time later his first daughter was born. After he married Michelle just two years later in 1998 it seems that everything was nearly perfect in the life of the musician. Nearly! Just 11 years after the wedding Eros and Michelle divorced their marriage in the year 2009. A few years later he found his second wife and got two more kids. Sadly, even this marriage didn´t come to an happy end. Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli divorced their marriage in 2019.

Live on Stage in Europe!

Just another reason for him to focus more and more on his Europe-Tour in 2019 and 2020! Spain, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia and many more countries are on his list. You can check out here in which cities Eros will be. The Tour named “Vita Ce Ne World Tour” means translated something like “This is life” and who can show the waiting crowd better what that words are all about than Eros Ramazzotti?

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Eros, do you like to drink Ramazzotti?

Even though the drink is famous and legendary like the italian Pop-Singer – Eros didn’t choose his name because of the good tasting liquor. He was born by the name Ramazzotti so these kinds of rumours are definitely not true but funny. Cheers, Eros!

You want to see him live on stage one day? Get your tickets for the Europe Tour in 2019/2020 and listen to all of his biggest and of course newest songs. 

Listen here to one of Eros' most famous songs:


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