The best Christmas markets in Manchester 2019 - locations, dates and highlights

Santa Claus has made it all the way to Manchster. Every year, he transforms the city centre into a true Christmas paradise. People from all around the world are coming to the United Kingdom every single year just to make sure to see all the beautiful Highlights of the country. It seems that especially in winter some very special events create anticipation. The Christmas Markets in Manchester are not like all the other ones. You can feel the Christmassy atmosphere right from the beginning and maybe that’s the reason why so many people are coming back again and again. Are you in town in November or December? Grab your loved ones and enjoy one of the most beautiful Markets in the whole country. We have all the important information’s for you in the following article.

Christmas Markets in Manchester 2019 | © Unsplash

Christmas Market at Albert Square

Are you the first time in town and kind of worried that you are not able to find the Christmas Market at Albert Square? No need to be scared, just follow the gigantic and illuminated Santa Clauce which is placed in the middle of the Square. Congratulations – you just arrived at one of the main spots for drinking and eating during Christmas time in Manchester.

Two rows of lovely decorated stalls and some good bars are waiting for you to order some good delicacies of the menu. What about having a mulled wine with an incredible view? The Terrace of the Windmill-Bar is the perfect spot to watch all the action of the crowded Market below.

Cathedral Gardens Christmas Market

This very special Winter Wonderland is one of the most family-friendly places you can visit in Manchester during the Winter. Not only because of the outstanding atmosphere and the unique vibes but also because of the ice-rink. Compared to the last-mentioned Market at Albert Square the whole place feels more relaxed. No worries – there are still some good spots over there to have some tasty drinks and delicious food. Any mulled gin or prosecco lovers out there? The Cathedral Gardens Market could be the perfect choice for you.

The big shopping experience at Market Street

The Market Street in Manchester is pretty famous and crowded all over the year because it is one of the main shopping streets of the town. Christmas Time is not all about eating and drinking – of course you also have to get your shopping done to surprise your loved ones at home with some nice presents. It is almost 100 percent sure that you will find the right gift at Market Street. Don’t hesitate and visit this famous shopping hotspot – it’s totally worth it!

Fantastic Mulled Wine at St. Ann’s Square

We know, that there are a lot of good and also fancy spots in Manchester to enjoy a tasty mulled wine, but did you already try the oldest Glühwein of the town? If not – you definitely need to go to St. Ann’s Square to give it a try. There are also several other street food stalls selling for example high-quality cheese, chocolate fruits and some very yummy gingerbread.

The seating area at the Christmas Market is perfect for a visit with the whole family. Grab a seat and take your time while you enjoy all the incredible food of the stalls.

Exchange Street Christmas Market

Are you looking for lovingly produced soap, beautiful jewellery or delicious toffee-vodka? The Christmas market on Exchange Street should be the right place for you. The best thing is that the New Cathedral Street is right around the corner and they will offer you over there a lot of other impressive gifts and gift ideas. This one goes out to all the people who are trying to find the perfect present – you should better go to this shopping-spot otherwise you would regret it.

Have you ever heard of the “Witch House” before? You definitely have to visit this place when you are in town because they serve fantastic bratwurst over there. Has the shopping hunger already kicked in? Exchange Street will not disappoint you that’s for sure!

Don’t forget the Deposit

To ensure that all mulled wine cups will be brought back, the organizers of the Christmas market charge a deposit. A lot of visitors don’t know that and wonder about the high prices at the stalls. At the same time, they waste a lot of money because they forget to bring the empty cups back.

It is also highly recommended that you take cash with you as many sellers do not accept card payments. Play it safe and keep a few banknotes in your wallet so you can treat yourself to the many delicacies.

Opening Hours of The Christmas Markets

There is a lot of time to discover all the great Christmas spots mentioned in this article because the doors are open between the 9th of November and the 22nd of December. Are you planning to travel to the UK in winter? Get ready for some unforgettable moments.

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