Metallica Europe Tour 2019 - Songs, Dates and more

Just like they say in one of their songs, “the horsemen are drawing nearer”. The guys of Metallica have come back from their two-month break and they have been storming Europe for the last couple of days, with Madrid and Paris being two standout performances so far.

Wherever Metallica goes, you know there’s going to be something to talk about–that’s what bands of this stature tend to do. Their European tour this year promises to be quite promising, despite the fact that there isn’t a lot of talk for their upcoming album, although they tend to take their time to make new music.

If we have to base the upcoming shows in their recent performances, there is much to like: their concert in Madrid in front of 64.000 fans, a record for any Metal band in Spain, was very praised by that country’s press and it shows that has been reenergized in recent years. This was the set of that particular show:


Metallica 2019 Tour song list

1. Hardwired.
2. The Memory Remains.
3. Disposable Heroes.
4. The God That Failed.
5.The Unforgiven.
6. Here Comes Revenge.
7. Moth Into Flame.
8. Sad But True.
9. No Leaf Clover.
10. St. Anger.
11. One.
12. Master of Puppets.
13. For Whom The Bell Toll.
14. Creeping Death.
15. Seek & Destroy.
16. Lords of Summer.
17. Nothing Else Matters.
18. Enter Sandman.

A very eclectic set, wouldn’t you agree? One common debate among Metallica fans is the level of quality of the band’s two major eras, which are mostly separated before and after the release of the Black Album. Regardless of what you think of Metallica’s career and how it developed, here they are offering a little bit of everything for the fans and they deliver most of them in great fashion–especially the newest ones that adjust to James’ voice style a lot better, such as Lords of Summer, Moth Into Flame or the relatively modern ones as No Leaf Clover.


Metallica Europe Tour 2019 Dates

If you’re planning to see Metallica in Europe, here you have the following dates:
June 08 – Meath, Ireland.
June 11 – Amsterdam, Netherlands.
June 13 – Cologne, Germany.
June 16 – Brussels, Belgium.
June 18 – Manchester, England.
June 20 – London, England.
July 06 – Berlin, Germany.
July 09 – Gothenburg, Sweden.
July 11 – Copenhagen, Denmark.
July 13 – Trondheim, Norway.
July 16 – Hämeenlinna, Findland.
July 18 – Tartu, Estonia.
July 21 – Moscow, Russia.
August 14 – Bucharest, Romania.
August 16 – Vienna, Austria.
August 18 – Prague, Czech Republic.
August 21 – Warsaw, Poland.
August 23 – Munich, Germany.
August 25 – Mannheim, Germany.


Tickets for all shows are available here.

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