Newcastle Christmas Markets 2019 - all markets, dates and highlights

Newcastle as a city alone has many beautiful sides and the many locals and visitors will surely agree. But have you ever heard of the Christmas town of Newcastle? From year to year, the city has more and more earned this name, as the many stalls and huts decorated with festivities invite you to stroll and linger. If you are in town in November or December, don't miss the chance to come around to enjoy the inimitable atmosphere of the Market between the 16th of November and the 14th of December. Do you have any questions about the winter-highlight of the sympathetic student city at the River Tyne? We have collected all the important information for you in the following article.

Christmas Markets in Newcastle 2019 | © Unsplash

Lovely atmosphere in the heart of Newcastle

There are many other Christmas markets in the UK - no doubt about it, but the Newcastle market has been one of the most booming in the country for several years. As you can see at many other Christmas markets, the whole atmosphere is often similar to German markets.

You can see the lovely decorated huts everywhere, and they will put you in Christmas mood within a few seconds. The countless lights make Newcastle shine beautifully in the wintertime. This special atmosphere is not only well appreciated in the city - more and more tourists come to town to see the Christmas Wonderland. Are you one of the next ones? If you are close by, don't miss the opportunity to see the Magic happen.

Bigger plans for the Christmas Market

A new operator has announced that for the next 5 years he will be hosting the Christmas market in Newcastle in a different way than before. That means – that everything gets bigger and even more beautiful than it already is.

A good combination of traditional huts, new attractions and other entertainments will create that more and more people will be interested to come over in future. Mellors Group Events is already organizing the Christmas Market in Newcastle and the famous Winter Wonderland. The operator's experience could be pretty helpful to make the Market more and more popular over the next years. The people of Newcastle are looking forward to the new yearly winter highlight.

Good Food and tasty Drinks at the Market

We promise you that nobody goes home hungry. Of course - a good Christmas market also includes many delicacies and drinks. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for – you can be sure that you will find it over here.

Are you ready for one of the brewed beers, or do you like to drink a mulled wine first? Get ready for some really good tasting drinks. The many stalls will serve you delicious food and sweets after that. The food itself is already worth it to come over for a visit.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to come to the Christmas Market after work, at the weekend or during your trip across the beautiful country – a visit is a lot of fun for the whole family. Grab your loved ones and enjoy the special time of the year. Newcastle is welcoming you.

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