Munich's Oktoberfest 2019 - all information, tips, tents and more

Every year over 6 million people visit the Oktoberfest in Munich. You want to know everything about all events, the tents, the beer, tips and more? In this article we have collected all information you need to know about this year's Oktoberfest.

München Oktoberfest 2019 Wiesn | © Pixabay

It´s time to say it out loud again when the Oktoberfest 2019 in Munich start for the 186th time in history. Not only the numerous local visitors but also the millions of tourists can’t wait to hear the famous words “O'zapft is”. The biggest and probably at the same time the most sympathetic fair of the world is taking place at the “Theresienwiese” starting at the 21st of September and ending at the 06th of October.

The Oktoberfest is well known all over the world and attracts a lot of visitors who don’t want to miss the biggest Bavarian spectacle of the year. The fact that the gates of the Oktoberfest will open for the 186th time clearly shows how important the festival is for the whole region and especially for the city itself.  

We have compiled all the important information’s of the Oktoberfest 2019 for you to make sure that you’re good prepared just before your visit even begins.

When does Oktoberfest 2019 take place?

The Oktoberfest 2019 is of course an absolute highlight and must-do in itself but there are several on-site Highlights that you better shouldn’t miss if you decide to come over for a visit.

When is the entry of the “Wiesnwirte”?

The Wiesnwirte are the owners of the beer-tents and as a traditional act they will show up at the festival at first. They will ride in a splendid and decorated carriage, which is pulled by cold blood horses. The mayor of Munich will be at the ceremony as well as the “Münchner Kindl”. The Münchner Kindl is a heraldic figure of a monk which is also named very often “Münchner Kindl”. The ceremony will start on the 21st September at 10:45 a.m.

When is the “Anstich"?

The “Anstich” is a ceremony which will open the Oktoberfest by opening a huge barrel filled with beer. It is tradition, that the major of Munich do it by himself – if its done, he will shout out loud “O´zapft is”! Words, that signalise the beginning of the festival. From this moment on, the one litre mugs – named “Maß” – can be filled and the Oktoberfest starts. Cheers!

But there are even more highlights, you shouldn´t miss on your trip to Munich. There are some more events on “Maximilianstraße” on the 22th September, a church service on the 26th September and a concert of the innkeeper on the 29th September 2019. Not sure which one you should visit? Feel free to take a look at all of them – you will definitely have fun!

Which tents and places to be on Oktoberfest 2019?

You have two options to celebrate the Oktoberfest – outside while enjoying the sun and walking around - or inside, while sitting, dancing and enjoying the advantage by sitting under a roof, that keeps you away from the sun or sometimes from rain. You will find 16 big and 22 small tents on the Theresienwiese – more than enough to find a good one for you.

To make sure you´ll find a good place inside, you can make a reservation before Oktoberfest begins. But even if you haven´t made a reservation, there are still some options to take a seat in one of the famous festival tents. Please note – first come, first serve!

When are the tents open?

The tents will be opened at the weekend at 9am. On weekdays you can get inside around 10am and you can enjoy the special atmosphere until 11:30 pm. “Käfer-Wiesn-Schänke” or “Kufflers Weinzelt” turn off the lights a little bit later – so there are some good alternatives for night owls.

What is the price for beer on the Oktoberfest 2019?

It is not a big secret, that the prices for drinks at Oktoberfest increase every year. Prices for beer and soft drinks are nearly in the same price-range. You have to pay between 10,80€ to 11,80€ if you want to enjoy the taste of a cold and fresh Maß. The softdrink prices are between 9,56€ to 10,01€ and you need to pay 8,87€ for water. Don’t forget to bring enough money with you.

How to get to Oktoberfest in a comfortable way

Its very easy to reach the Oktoberfest because of the central location. Situated next to the old-town-district you just need to follow the millions and millions of visitors to the festival-area - the Theresienwiese.

During the festival-days you will find an increased number of public transportations. You can get there by tram, subway or even by bus.

Just use the subway U4, U5, U3 and U6 to get to Theresienwiese.

You prefer using the train? With the lines 1 to 8 you can ride easily to the station “Hackerbrücke” to walk from there the last metres by foot.

If you should decide to take the tram, just watch out for the lines 16, 17, 18 and 19 – a very good option to get right next to the festival-area. Leave the tram at “Holzapfelstraße” or “Hermann-Lingg-Straße”, depending which line you will take.

Do we have any bus lovers out there? Catch the bus line 53, 58, 62 and 134 to get right to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Even if you are on a roadtrip or you decide to take the car to the festival - there are a lot of options to park your car on a safe spot. Watch out for the several park&ride stations around town.

What to do in Munich:

Do you like to drink beer and to meet people from all over the world? You are definitely right at the Oktoberfest! But even if you’re not a beer-lover and you better want to come over with your whole family, you can be sure that you will have a lot of fun.   

One of the most famous attractions on Theresienwiese is “Feldl´s Teufelsrad”. Even it is just a simple one, everyone wants to see it. You have to stay as long as possible on a simple wooden, but rotating disc. The person who can stay for the longest time on it, without beeing pushed down, wins! So far it seems to be simple and a lot of fun - but take care of the moderator – he will give you some mean sayings in front of all the people. If you stay too long on the rotating wood, they even use some tricks like a gigantic ball which is hanging on a rope, to smash down the participants.

“I need a long sleep tonight – but where?”

Something you might ask yourself during the Oktoberfest season 2019. Remember, that you are just one person of more than 6 million visitors who come over every year, and many of them are looking for a good apartment or hotel. If possible, make sure that you will book your hotel before visiting Munich. If you are a spontaneous person, it can happen, that you will not be able anymore to find a place to sleep for the night. Again – first come first serve.

A lot of people book their accommodation one year before the next Oktoberfest starts. You think this is way too early? There are more visitors from all over the world, than available accommodations. Try to book your hotel-room as soon as possible to make sure that you will have a comfortable stay. If you should join the Oktoberfest spontaneous, sleeping at one of the many camp-spots in town could be a very good solution as well. You will find everything you need, like a good shower in the morning, a clean toilet, wifi-spots and maybe some more friendly people you can talk to. 

What to wear at the Oktoberfest

“Dirndl” and “Lederhosen” are the main clothes of the millions of visitors when it comes to the biggest festival in Germany.  

The “Dirndl” is a bavarian dress, which fits to every kind of woman perfectly. It makes your waist look way smaller and it emphasizes your figure. There is another noteworthy fact, when it comes to the famous dress. You can choose on which site you will tie your bow on your apron. Tying it on the left side shows that you are single. Tying it on the right side means that you are already in a relationship or in a marriage, or that you’re just not interested in flirting. It is your choice!

The “Lederhose” is the male option for the Oktoberfest. Most of the people think it is just a Bavarian thing and only people from this region wear it – that´s not completely true! Even in Swiss or Austria you can find these good-looking shorts. Make sure to buy a Lederhose in a good quality – it will last more than just a few years and the material is very strong. Most of the vistors wear it in combination with a checkered shirt.

Just in case you don´t like the traditional clothes or you just prefer jeans and a cool shirt – all people are welcome, and it is not a “must” to get dressed like this at the Oktoberfest. Prost!

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