One Direction World Tour 2020 - Rumours

Speculations about an One Direction reunion tour for 2020 arose as an upcoming concert in Melbourne's Etihad Stadium was posted online for a short time. Read on for further information about the alleged One Direction tour.

A briefly posted date for a One Direction “On The Road Again” concert gives reason for hope to One Direction fans. Two days after the eight anniversary of the boy band, Ticketmaster mistakenly listed an “On The Road Again” concert for the 31st December 2020 at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The post was quickly removed by Ticketmaster’s spokesman explaining: “There are no gigs planned for One Direction currently”. Apparently, the post also appeared on Spotify under One Direction’s upcoming shows but was also deleted and left fans confused.
The rumours first went viral when user @stylessoftie screenshotted Ticketmaster's post and captioned it: "i’m??so???confused?? i went onto ticket master (through a link for some reason it’s not on when you go on the website) and went onto the ‘Eithad Stadium’ if you scroll down to dec 31 it says there is a one direction tour: on the road again 2020??? is this like someone joking or- "
The year 2020 would mark the tenth anniversary of the band so fans are now understandably speculating about a One Direction comeback tour. Earlier this year, Liam Payne confirmed that One Direction planned to get back together one day but didn’t mention a specific date.

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