Spice Girls Australia Tour 2020 – rumours, news and how to get tickets

Finally, the Spice Girls are coming Down Under in 2020! This was announced by Mel B at the Spice Girls’ last show of their UK reunion tour. Read on to find out everything about the latest rumours, news and how to buy tickets online.

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It has been an exciting year for all UK fans of the Spice Girls. One of the most popular girl bands in the world reunited – alas without Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice – for a tour in the UK and Ireland and made the dreams of thousands of fans finally come true.
From the beginning on there have been rumours that the Spice Girls will take their Spice World tour to other countries in Europe, the US and Australia. We reported on that earlier when the Spice Girls had just announced their reunion.

Well, it looks like Australian Spice Girls fans will finally get what they really really want as Mel B aka Scary Spice announced at their last UK show in London’s Wembley Stadium that the Spice Girls will visit Down Under in 2020. To the cheering crowd she said: “We’ll see you in February in Australia!”

Now, Australian fans are going crazy online about their favourite 90s girl band finally coming to Australia in 2020. And rightfully so, because this will be the first time ever that the Spice Girls play a show in Australia.

Apart from the fact that the concerts will start in February 2020, official dates have not been released yet. In an Australian radio show Mel B confirmed that talks about an Australian tour are currently taking place but she couldn’t tell any dates or cities yet. We believe the Spice Girls will visit the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We will keep you up to date about all upcoming announcements of the Spice Girls Australia tour 2020.

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