St. Patrick’s Day London 2020 – all facts, dates and highlights

The St. Patrick’s Day festival is London’s biggest celebration of the Irish community in the city. In 2020 it is entering its 18th year and will take place on Sunday, 15 March 2020. Read on for all facts about St. Patrick’s Day London 2020 and what highlights you shouldn’t miss this year.

All about St. Patrick's Day in London 2020 | © Unsplash

With over 100,000 visitors there is no larger celebration of the Irish community in London than the St. Patrick’s Day festival. On this day, Irish as well as British citizens give tribute to the rich Irish culture by celebrating its traditions, food, music and more.

This year, the festivities will take place on Sunday, 15th of March 2020 from 12:00pm to 6:00pm on Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Covent Garden in London. The entry is free of cost.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year in London and usually consists of two big events: the festival itself and a festival parade – the so-called green walk. The festival takes place in several places around London, usually at Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Covent Garden. Officially, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th of March each year but the festivities in the city are always celebrated on the Sunday that is closest to this date, so everybody has a chance to party. Saint Patrick was Ireland's first patron saint so St. Patrick's Day actually is a religious celebration on St. Patrick's traditional death date. Today, everybody takes place in the festivities and the celebrations have become very modern and open for people of all religions and nationalities.

One of the most famous traditions on this day is the green walk from Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square where everyone dresses in green clothes and accessories or even paints their faces green. Various sport clubs, schools, theatres and other communities as well as the 32 counties of Ireland are represented in the parade. During the parade you can enjoy traditional Irish Guinness, delicious Irish food and dance to the upbeat Irish folk music.

After joining the parade, you can continue to party at one of the bigger festivals, the main one being the party at Trafalgar Square. There you can enjoy even more beer, food stands, exciting performances and live music. After that, a lot of London’s pubs and bars will invite you to grab one or two more pints and party on until nighttime.


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