Stockholm Christmas markets 2019 - the best locations, all dates and highlights

At Christmas time not only locals, even tourists from all over the world make their way to Stockholm. The city in Sweden has many traditional, but also very special and unique Christmas Markets to offer you. Find out, why it is worth a visit!

Christmas markets in Stockholm 2019 | © Unsplash

Sweden is popular for its nature, cosiness, handcrafts, delicious Glögg and tasty gingerbread. It is not a big surprise that Stockholm is well known for many big and even little Markets in town. Grab a warm drink, eat some traditional food and explore Stockholm in the winter time!

Christmas Market in the Old Town

As many of us know, the Markets in the Old Town are always one of the bigger markets in town. This traditional Christmas Market, known as “Stortorgets Julmarknad”, opens its gates from 23. November to 23. December 2019. With 41 stalls this Markets offers you everything you need. Handcrafts, Sweets, gifts like soaps and famous Glögg. With lovely decorated stalls the Christmas Market in Stockholm is one of the most beautiful markets in Europe. With round about 200.000 visitors every year, it is one of the biggest as well.

Christmas Market “Skansen”

If you want to visit Stockholm during the Christmas time, you have to make a stop at Skansen. With traditional Christmas Food and a huge bonfire at new years eve, it is like a Wonderland for the whole family. How about some traditional sausages or spices? Or do you prefer the Skansen´s handmade mustard and some sugared almonds? You do not have to decide – in November and December you will have enough time to stroll around the many stalls.

Christmas Markets at Drottningholm

A Christmas Market in front of a castle? In Stockholm it is possible. Even if this Market is only open for 2 days in December, it is known for its beautiful scenery and the romantic atmosphere. Delicious Christmas goods like mustard, bread and traditional mulled wine, such as handcrafts like candles and textiles – you can do some shopping directly in front of the beautiful Drottningholm. For those who would like to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city centre, this Market is the perfect alternative during Christmas time.

Christmas Market in Sigtuna

A little bit outside of Stockholm, the Christmas Market in Sigtuna is perfect for everyone, who wants to see how traditional Markets can be. You will find this Market along the Main Street and at the Main and Little Square. Enjoy live music, shop some Christmas items, gifts and traditional food. If you want to take a look at this Christmas Market with the whole family, the kids can enjoy the visit of Santa. Maybe he can make a wish come true. If you want to drive by car, you will find a lot of free parking spots in the surrounding area.

Christmas Market at the Royal Stables

At this Market you will find some of the finest handcrafts in Stockholm. Located at Väpnargatan 1 the historic building is the perfect spot for a traditional Christmas Market. If you visit with your kids, they can meet one of the many horses of the Royals. From 29. November to 1. December 2019 you have the chance to buy some unique handcrafts in a historical surrounding and eat some delicious food.

Christmas Market at island Utö

On the second and third advent this beautiful little Market offers you unique gifts for your loved ones at home, as well as delicious pastries and treats. Located on an island, you have to take the subway and the ferry. The lovely decorated red stalls are decorated with many lights – perfect for a walk when it gets dark outside. Drink a coffee or a mulled wine and enjoy the cozy and beautiful Market at the island of Stockholm.

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